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Our solutions fuel your sustainable growth by efficiently directing your resources.

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Safety first! Our smart devices enhance workplace safety in hazardous work environments.

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We offer our customers wide range of solutions enabling you to cut the costs significantly and amplify your returns.

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Our digital solutions assist customers accross industries to improve productivity.

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Developing advanced automation and digitalization solutions for industries 4.0

  • Our roots trace us back to one of the most prestigeous universities in Germany, RWTH Aachen. We grow out of Institute for Advance Mining Technologies (AMT) one of the pioneer institutions for research and development in mining industry.

  • We help our customers increase profitability, improve efficiency and achieve superior return on investment by implementing technology solutions, creative growth strategies and innovative product, service and business models that go beyond what can be achieved with traditional approaches.

  • The development of our hardware and software products focuses on user-friendliness. We develop products that adapt to the user. The extreme simplicity of our products requires little to almost no training.

  • Spheroid Technologies is a global technology and innovation company specializing in advising and helping leading companies in manufacturing, logistics, automation and mining align themselves for the future and outperform their competitors, especially in uncertain markets. We work closely with leading universities to improve our know-how and provide you with the latest and most efficient solutions.

  • Our work focuses on setting the business leader's agenda, from delivering smart, secure, simple, affordable and efficient technology solutions that make your operation fast, effective, safe and profitable, to creating business, operational and organizational strategies for the future.

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Spheroid Technologies Collision Avoidance: Making industries safer!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. – Benjamin Franklin

  • Large assembly plants, processing facilities, and underground mines can be hazardous sites. Traffic, large machinery, and blind spots all create the potential for accidents.
  • Statistics from the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) show that accidents associated with mining equipment and motorized raw material transportation accounted for a majority of fatal accidents between the years 2015 and 2020, accounting for 57.51% of total accidents.
  • Industries in several domains demand world-class performance and the highest safety standards. Therefore a reduced traffic-related incident with all safety data accessible digitally is crucial. Our advanced collision avoidance system helps you reduce traffic-related accidents and let everyone go home safely.
  • We offer most effective, reliable, robust collision avoidance solution to tackle such high demands.

Your inventory always in sight with our indoor positioning solution.

We provide you with an advanced accurate indoor positioning system technology precisely to meet such needs.

  • Increasing productivity, operational transparency, and operating efficiency are the top priorities of every manufacturing facility, assembly plant, and especially underground mines.
  • Asset tracking, starting from the smallest component in an assembly facility to large vehicles in a mine, is a crucial application that helps industries to increase productivity, operational transparency, and operate efficiently.
  • Indoor positioning and sophisticated analytics can be used to identify bottlenecks and boost production.
  • Existing localization solutions employ GPS, GNSS, LIDAR, and RADAR technologies that are extremely expensive, susceptible to errors, and require frequent cost-intensive maintenance, therefore they are not very practical for many companies.

Know whats really going on inside your machines, with our condition monitoring solution.

Condition monitoring: Be up-to-date on the asset state everytime and everywhere.

  • Minimizing downtime, quickly repairing or replacing defective components, scheduling maintenance with optimal resources, and reducing production costs while maintaining optimal quality are the top priorities of any production plant, assembly facility, or process plant.
  • Our condition monitoring and predictive maintenance system uses advanced wireless technology that enables you to reduce downtime, provide timely repairs, and optimally plan maintenance.
  • Our sophisticated systems are specifically designed for use in indoor environments with clutter and obstructions. The low-profile, ergonomic devices can track the status of all vehicles and machinery in your facility in real-time.


We drive automation and digitilization in wide range of industries such as mining, manufacturing, process, assembly, warehouse, and medicine.

Hardware & Software Development

We design and develop hardware suitable for various industries according to respective standards and we also supply relevent tested CI/CD software.

End-to-End System Integration

Effectively Integrate multiple systems and assets at the different stages of the product lifecycle with different departments offering various functionalities.

Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy Services offers a unique approach by combining professional consultancy methods with the technical expertise residing in specialist and operative departments.


With our extended portfolio of products we help our costumers to improve safety, optimize operating cost, grow sustainably and achieve carbon neutrality.

Indoor Positioning System

Your assets always at your watch.

We provide advanced indoor positioning system for efficient use of your assets and critical operation planning that bolster your competitive advantage.

Collision Avoidance System

Get your workers back home safely.

With our Collision Avoidance System (CAS) you can mitigate work related accidents and injuries, protect your valuable assets against collisions and save millions in fines and reimbursements.

Condition Monitoring

Prevention is better then cure.

Minimize downtime, optimize maintenance and spare part strategies, Increase productivity, maximize profits with our advanced solutions in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Fleet Monitoring Systems

The backbone of fleet planning and maintenance.

Advanced hardware and software product to drive information transparency betweeing your vehicles and your operational planning. This out of the box solution allows you to proactively make high return decisions with confidance.

IIoT Infrastructure

Making digital transformation: A walk in a park!

Deployment, and flawless operation of your information pipline throughout your facility and further to the cloud is what we help you achive, facilitating a secure, flexiable, uniform uninterrupted flow of your data.

Cloud Technology

Your operations at your fingertips.

Our cloud services help you leverage your data to springboard your profits and make key insights into your operations wherever you are and whenever you want at your finger tips.


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